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Here's the latest from my little old corner of the world.

February 2021 - Zildjian releases 200 cymbals from Armand Zildjian’s personal vault to mark what would have been his 100th birthday. Oh, and yes, you can buy one - if you're very quick! These are genuine 40-50's era kit, not reproductions. Crazy huh?

December 2020 - New Dave Grohl signature snare drum. I must say the The DW Dave Grohl Icon Snare does look pretty darn snazzy in it's Dave iconography and paint job. Even more amazing are the graphics are actually wood veneers inlaid and not paint jobs at all. Hence the $1,600 price tag...

July 2017 - Pearl has put out a new kit. The 'Pearl Masters Maple Complete' looks pretty sweet in any of it's 5 finishes (I like the Black Caviar Matte). It comes in 4 configurations, and it sounds real good too - great tone plus an enhanced resonance. Good mounts, and a decent price.

Pearl Masters Drum Kit

June 2017 - I've been reading about Jonathan Ullman, based in Boston. He made the move from the local band scene to being a sticks-for-hire session guy. If you're finding the band grind hard as a drummer, you might want to check him out. If you've got the right personality, drive and skills of course, you can make an awesome living out of session playing.

Jonathan Ullman