Where It Began

just playing

History is unclear on the details, but I was brought up on music. My dad played drums, my mum played classical piano. So you kind of knew I was going to be musical. You just didn't know how or which way things were going to go.

I was brought up on piano lessons (thanks mum) - which taught me music. But it was tough, it wasn't my music, and it bored me. Maybe if my teacher showed me a little Elton John things would have been different :-). But it was goodbye yellow brick road and on to different sounds that hooked me far better. Music was never going to be lost though

Fast forward a few years and my best friend at school starts a band. He's lead guitar, song writer and vocals - so it's clearly always going to be 'his band', right? ;-) But he says "your dads a drummer" so you can play drums. And so begins years of driving my family insane with repetitive drum training, and general bad drumming. As is often the case though with the aspiring drummer, you find yourself with your own 'music studio' while the family car now permanently sits out in the rain :-)